How Is Technology Killing Creativity?

How Is Technology Killing Creativity?

Technology is all about making things digital. This digitization is causing a distraction from creativity. Every human has a bundle of skills. Such skills are the reason behind creativity. Creativity helps in solving complex problems. The basic need of creativity is to have the elasticity of mind and alternation. If you have a creative mind, you do not have to rely on others. Creativity is a soft skill owned by a person. Technology is taking the place of creativity slowly. It is observed that the new generation is not using technology for particular tasks. Instead, it is becoming an essential part of their daily work. Even the medium of their communication is also technology. It is evident that almost all school-going children have their own phones. Laptops and calculators are also widely used. College and university students cannot work without their laptops in general.

It is becoming challenging to solve any mathematics problem without a calculator. Technology is a good thing. It has made our life very easy. In the past, people had to work hard, and for long hours to solve complex mathematic problems. But now it is the matter of a few minutes only. This is just because of technology. But it has taken the place of creativity as well. In the era when technology was not so advanced, people were creative. They could solve the problems, and think critically about them. But now people are losing creativity. They rely on technology only. If you take away their laptop and calculators, they will not be able to do anything. People lose the capability to perform even simple tasks.

Critical Thinking:

Critical thinking is an essential aspect for any era. Even if technology is getting advance, every problem requires critical thinking ability. Advancement in technology is beneficial. But it is also horrible. This is because it is taking the place of many productive things. Being reliable on technology is not good at all. Critical thinking is an aspect that makes you a creative person. Technology itself is the result of critical thinking. But now, things are getting different. People have stopped thinking of any solution. But they use technology to think about their problem. Also, when they find the solution, people use technology again to work on it.

For example, in the case of university and college students, it is common to see exact solution from majority of the students. When technology was not so standard, every student brought up a different suggestion, and solution. The reason was that they worked with their brain. After critical thinking, they answered their advisors. But now it is the era of technology. Everyone has internet access. When advisors ask something, they Google it, and most students go for the same website. That is why advisors see that a majority of students have suggested the same thing.

According to a dissertation writing service, the reason is that students are not thinking critically about the problem. They are relying on the material available on the internet. Students do not even bother to mould the data as per the requirement. They copy and paste it directly. The need of the time is that even if you take help from any website, you should go through it. Please read it carefully. Find out which points precisely match the problem. Take a hint to form the given material, and then solve your problem. That is how technology provides us readymade answers. It then takes the place of critical thinking, causing a decline in creativity. Creativity demands intelligence and hard work as per the need of the hour.


It is critical thinking that leads you toward innovation. All the innovations like aeroplane, mobile, and more are the result of creativity. And creativity takes a long time to work on. For example, it did not take a few weeks or months to make an aeroplane operational. It took a long time. People have worked on it for a long period with great effort. But now technology has taken away the factor of hard work from the new generation. People have almost stopped utilising their free time in productivity. They spend their free time using social media.

This social media is not going to make your career. People spend long hours scrolling social platforms. They also post different unproductive content on social media which are a waste of time. Creativity is lost in all these activities. We should meet people who have fantastic ideas, and creative minds. Our generation of technology thinks it is boring. They want everything all of a sudden. But creativity is not instant at all. It needs disclosure of many things that take time.

Communication Gap:

Technology has removed creativity even from our communication. It created a gap in expression. A very simple example is when you wish someone for his/her birthday or any achievement. In these situations, we Google for the right wishes. People have stopped thinking about minimal tasks. It is not difficult at all to wish someone. You have to express your feelings only. Then why should one Google it? Your loved ones have a special place in your heart. You should be creative enough to write a wish for them. But technology has taken creativity out of us. If you are weak in creativity, you should work on that and enhance your ability. That should be the solution to your problem.

Real-World Interaction 

Creativity is only possible when you face the real world. And technology has taken our interaction with the real world. Let’s take the example of an office. In break time you can see that everyone is busy with their things. People are either chatting with their friends or calling them. It is now rare to see someone watching effective content. A significantly less number of people utilise their free time in learning a new skill. Also, they are less engaged in facial interactions. When you interact with someone facially, you develop creativity within yourself. You can formulate many things with the help of others in this way.

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